One of the greatest achievements of the Guernsey Mini Soccer Festival to date has been the manner in which all participants, from players to coaches to parents and to spectators, have conducted themselves in a friendly and sporting manner. We are keen for this to continue and, with this in mind, have adopted the following Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators which we would be grateful if you would observe this weekend and in doing so play your part in continuing to ensure that the Guernsey Mini Soccer Festival retains its reputation as a friendly festival and that all players have an enjoyable time in an atmosphere of positive encouragement.      

  1. Remember that children play organised sports for their own enjoyment, not to entertain you.
  2. Be on your best behaviour. Do not use profane language or harass, physically or verbally, players, managers, coaches, referees or assistant referees.
  3. Applaud all good play by your own team and the other team.
  4. Show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them, there would be no game.
  5. Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a game or losing a game.
  6. Condemn the use of violence and verbal abuse.
  7. Respect the Referee and Assistant Referees’ decisions. Remember they are only human with the same feelings as you and, like you, sometimes make an honest mistake.
  8. Stay off the pitch and behind the roping around the pitch at all times – the Referee is responsible for all on pitch activity.
  9. Encourage players always to play according to the Laws of the Game and not to argue with Referees and other officials.
  10. Read the Laws of the Game to better understand what you are looking at, and commenting on.
  11. Only the festivals official photographer is permitted to be pitch side taking photos, please refrain from entering the field of play to take photographs.

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