The Festival

The BWCI Guernsey Mini Soccer Festival is an annual festival that has been running since 2002. It is for children born on or after 1 September and no later than 31 August of the relevant year for school years 4 and 5.  However, except in the case of the academy/centre of excellence teams, the Guernsey Football Association expect each team to consist predominantly of players from school year 5 with players from school year 4 only being used to supplement any team unable to field a team using year 5 players.

The Guernsey Football Association wishes to extend its thanks to the many sponsors and helpers who make the event such a success, with special thanks to headline sponsor BWCI who have now supported the Festival for 18 years.

Guernsey FA Aztec academy tactical meeting

About Guernsey

The island of Guernsey lies in the bay of St Malo in the English Channel, about 30 miles from the north coast of France and 70 miles from the south coast of England, and is easily accessible by both air and sea from the English and Continental European mainlands. A heady mix of stunning scenery and the best of contemporary living, Guernsey is the perfect destination. Inspiring walks along the cliff paths, rambles through the rural interior or lazy days on the island’s beautiful beaches, Guernsey has it all. Ask anyone who’s been here.

Guernsey is a special place, a thriving community that welcomes its visitors with open arms and leaves a lasting impression on all who set foot on her soil. It is against this idyllic background that The BWCI Guernsey Mini Soccer Festival takes place in a very safe and secure ‘child protection friendly’ environment.

Past Winners

2019 - Everton 2019 - Trinity, Jersey 
2018 - Everton  2018 - Bodyline St Martins
2017 - Everton 2017 - St Pauls
2016 - Everton 2016 - St Pauls
2015 – Everton Academy 1 2015 – St Clement, Jersey
2014 – Everton 2014 – Saints FC
2013 – Everton 2013 – Northerners
2012 – Everton 2012 – Rozel Rovers, Jersey
2011 – Everton 2011 – St Peter, Jersey
2010 – Everton 2010 – Southampton
2009 – Fulham 2009 – Braunton Wanderers, Devon
2008 – Everton 2008 – St Peter, Jersey
2007 – Everton 2007 – St Peter, Jersey
2006 – Northerners, Guernsey 2006 – St Martin’s Guernsey
2005 – St Paul’s, Jersey 2005 – St Peter, Jersey
2004 – Romford Royals, Essex 2004 – First Tower United, Jersey
2003 – St Paul’s, Jersey
2002 – Everton